HAL Laboratories hiring for a new Kirby game (and it may be 3D)

HAL Laboratories is hiring for a new Kirby game, and the job listings contain a pretty interesting hint: it may very well be a 3D experience. This upcoming title is presumed to be launching for the Nintendo Switch, although it’s entirely possible that it will launch for the Nintendo 3DS.

“Star Kirby project development staff recruitment!” began the machine-translated tweet that was highlighted by ResetEra. “Why do not you make a new Kirby in the studio where you can see Mt. Fuji? We are looking forward to your entry with a lot of development experience and willingness!”

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Of particular note is that this new Kirby game is said to be in the “Star Kirby” (Hoshi no Kirby) line of games, meaning that this is going to be a core title and not some kind of spin-off like Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Things start to get interesting when you click through the tweet and look at the actual job postings on HAL Laboratories’ website. The “Level Designer” job has one bullet point that may give us a hint towards the content of this new Kirby game:

  • Design, placement of cameras, enemies, gimmicks, items, etc. according to the above specifications

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with game development, the “camera” — that is, the perspective from what you see on the screen — has to be placed by a programmer at some point. For 2D games, this could simply mean a camera that tracks the character from the side and moves with cutscenes. 3D games would require it following behind a character for a third-person perspective or being placed in the correct position on a character model for first-person games.

“Placement of cameras” has to happen for pretty much any game, but the fact that HAL Laboratories felt it important to mention this requirement specifically in a job listing for level designer could be hinting towards the new Kirby game being a true 3D experience. All of the Kirby games have been 2D, so this would certainly be an interesting sight to see.

As they’re still hiring for the project, it will likely be at least a year or two before we see anything from this upcoming game featuring our favorite pink blob. Whether it’s 2D or 3D, it’s sure to be something that a lot of people will be happy to play.