Ghost Recon Breakpoint cross-play teased as part of the game’s post-launch plans

Ghost Recon Breakpoint cross-play may not be available at the time of release, but it seems that Ubisoft is seriously considering adding this feature post-launch. For now, the studio is keeping its cards close to its chest, but there is something in the works in this regard. With the official Breakpoint launch planned for October 4, it won’t be long until we can try the new shooter, but cross-play is a feature that needed more development time.

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In an interview with, Creative Director Eric Couzian touched upon several aspects of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. When asked about plans for cross-play between PC and console, or between PS4 and Xbox One, Couzian clearly stated that it is going to happen; he just didn’t reveal any specific details.

“We have big plans for post-launch,” he said. “So there will be plenty of Episodes, a new Class, everything. Of all the subjects, this one, cross-play, is part of them. So you will get news later on this.”

When confronted with the possibility of having Ghost Recon Breakpoint cross-play between PC and console, Couzian said that additional information will be announced later, but he didn’t give an exact time frame for the reveal.

The rest of the interview discusses other Ghost Recon Breakpoint topics such as dynamic A.I. scaling. This system is like the one used in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and it is based on co-op players selecting different levels of difficulty and having the game immediately adapt to it. This means that if you choose a high difficulty level and an enemy shoots at you, it is going to be a tough shootout. However, if your partner chose a lower difficulty level and the same enemy suddenly starts shooting at them, it will be an easier challenge.

It’s a system that allows for “a father and son to play together if they want to,” or players who are at different levels of progression.