Days Gone update adds New Game Plus, harder difficulty modes, trophies, more

Sony and Bend Studio have just announced an upcoming Days Gone update that’s set to add several exciting new features to their leather-clad zombie apocalypse game. The PS4 exclusive is set to receive a New Game Plus mode, along with two new challenging difficulty settings, new trophies, and a “mysterious” new weapon on September 13.

New Game Plus is said to have been the “most requested fan feature” since the open-world biker game launched back in April of this year. In typical fashion, the mode will allow players that have finished the story to head right back to the start while maintaining all of their previous unlocks, upgrades, and overall account progress.

Game balance can always be an issue in this case, as players are kitted out with the best equipment right from the get-go, so the ability to choose a different difficulty setting has also been integrated. Not only that but the enhanced and imaginatively named “Hard II” and “Survival II” modes will allow players to maintain a greater level of challenge during an NG+ run, should they choose to do so.

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Trophy hunters will have even more to keep them busy, with Days Gone gaining “a few” new trophies in the update which appear to be related to the new NG+, Hard II, and Survival II modes. The official PlayStation Blog post also confirms that one trophy is related to a “mysterious” new weapon, said to come from an agent who “operates in the shadows,” presumably pointing towards it being optimized for stealth.

Separate to the update, Days Gone is also getting a physical vinyl soundtrack release. Made in collaboration with Mondo, it’s set to feature 25 original tracks, 20 of which are by composer Nathan Whitehead, pressed on a 180 gram colored vinyl disc. Preorders will be available from the Mondo website starting September 11.

If the upcoming Days Gone update sounds exciting and you haven’t yet picked up your copy of the main game, now’s a great time to do so with Amazon currently running a 40% discount that makes the game just $35.89.

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