Leaked Apex Legends skins showcase sweet new designs for Bloodhound, Lifeline, Wattson, and more

A number of leaked Apex Legends skins have made their way onto Reddit, showcasing some stunning new designs for Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Wattson, alongside two less impressive skins for Bangalore and Mirage. As a part of the leak, it’s also been reported that the new skins will be made available through different means and at different times.

Starting with Lifeline — the game’s healer and support character — Reddit user u/IndigoOzir proposes that her skin is to be made available through a “physical Edition Lifeline version” of Apex Legends which will launch in the future. She’s very fittingly depicted as a Norse Valkyrie, known in mythology for being female figures who decide which warriors live or die in battle.

The skin for Bloodhound — Apex Legends‘ “Technological Tracker” character — is similarly said to be available with the Bloodhound “physical Edition.” His skin kits him out in sharp red and black armor, which almost looks dragon-like in its design.

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Wattson — the battle royale game’s latest post-launch addition, featuring a defensive playstyle — receives a vibrant recolor of her existing black legendary skin. In this instance, she wears an electric yellow coat and electric blue jumpsuit beneath it, though more drastically her changed complexion makes it appear as though she’s an android.

Less significant are the new Mirage and Bangalore skins, with the former said to be a Twitch Prime benefit and the latter to be purchasable for “500 AC” and “available next week” as a part of the ongoing Voidwalker Wraith event. Bangalore sports a punkish pink ensemble, with blue highlights added to her hair, while Mirage features a lively blue-on-black outfit in place of his much flatter default black and yellow.

The associated footage (viewable here) makes it clear that these leaked skins are legitimate, though it remains to be seen whether they release in the timeframes and through the methods outlined by leaker IndigoOzir on Reddit.