Gears 5 Batista behind the scenes video shows how ‘The Animal is unleashed’

A new Gears 5 Batista behind the scenes video was just released detailing the process that finally made him a part of the Gears of War franchise. It’s not exactly the Marcus Fenix role in the upcoming Gears of War movie, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Ultimately, Dave Bautista’s physical attributes and Hollywood success couldn’t be ignored for long, with his presence as a playable character in Gears 5 being well-received by fans of the game and the actor alike, given the push for this to happen.

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The behind the scenes video is your first look at some of Batista’s in-game persona. It was uploaded to the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, which is run by Austin Creed, who you may know as the WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Creed also plays a lot of video games and uploads videos of him playing Man of Medan, Outlast 2, and Dream Daddy to his YouTube channel.

The clip shows Batista wearing his Gears 5 armor, made to look like the one that Marcus Fenix uses. However, his trademark sunglasses also made it into the game. Rod Fergusson, studio head of The Coalition, and Guy Welch, Gears of War marketing director, gave a scoop on how this collaboration came to be. They said that when someone like Batista shows up on your feed saying that he wants to be a part of Gears of War and that it is “his destiny,” they must stop and listen. Batista’s fans also played a big role, making this cameo a possibility.

While the Gears 5 developers have no control over the cast in the movie, they were free to cast Batista as a playable character. Fergusson said that “the role is really him, it’s Dave ‘The Animal’ in Gears of War.” Batista is described as an alternate Marcus in the multiplayer mode of Gears 5, but he brings some of his more famous lines.

To unlock Batista in Gears 5, you must play the game starting September 15 through the rest of the month.