PlayStation clears the debate over the controller’s ‘Cross’ or ‘X’ button

There are two types of people in the gaming world: those who say that the PlayStation controller has a “Cross” button, and those who think that it is called the “X” button. Which one are you? And are you right about your assumption, or have you been mistreating your gaming controllers for decades? PlayStation has finally given an official answer.

The PlayStation U.K. Twitter account decided to solve this decades-old mystery for good with a clear-cut tweet stating that “Cross” was the correct pronunciation. Hopefully, this will finally put millions of players at ease, so that they may enjoy their games in peace.

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The PlayStation DualShock controllers have a “Cross” button, and not an “X” button, as many players have called it for years. The four buttons follow a logical pattern that should dispel any doubts simply by looking at them. The Triangle, Circle, Cross, and Square buttons all share one aspect: they are shapes.

The PlayStation U.K. tweet asks the following question: “If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?” Probably something like the “O” button, or the “Round” button? Some users seem to be shocked by this revelation and blatantly refuse to start calling their beloved “X” button “Cross.”

It’s all for a bit of fun, obviously, but others seem more serious about the debate because it “grinds their gears.” User SIECrimson goes to the extent of bringing basic geometry into the discussion, saying that “Crosses have the same distance between each stick, and “form a square,” while “Exes don’t have the same distance between each stick, and form a rectangle.”

Hopefully, this official clarification will turn the gaming world into a better place; a place where no PlayStation controller buttons go miscalled, a community where this debate won’t ever again stand in the way of true gamer friendship. But judging by the reactions, this discussion is far from over.