Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer leak reveals teenage Tiny Tina with epic Queen song

Borderlands 3 launch trailer leak has occurred on Reddit. Reportedly, Gearbox Software set the launch trailer live a bit too early for a short period of time. While they removed it within a few minutes, it was plenty of time for an intrepid Redditor to capture the video, treating us to an early look at a trailer backed by the awesome music of Queen and letting us hear what Tiny Tina sounds like in the latest game in the franchise.

Borderlands 3 is just a few days away, and Gearbox had uploaded the launch trailer in advance as companies are wont to do. Unfortunately, someone forgot to set the video to private and we can watch it a little earlier than most (albeit at much lower quality than we’d like).

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The Borderlands 3 launch trailer leak kicks off with the game’s villains Troy and Tyreen having some kind of presentation as Queen’s “Seven Seas of Rhye” begins to play. We then see a mob of enemies start running towards the player characters, but they get cut down by a hail of gunfire and special abilities.

An explosion knocks the four Vault Hunters on their butts and they look up to see the game’s villains standing above them. We then get a quick look at previous side characters like Mad Moxxi and Ellie who also give the camera an aside glance. The scene then transitions to teenage Tiny Tina aboard a spaceship with more than a dozen of your in-game friends and we get to hear what an older version of the dynamite damsel sounds like.

“Apocalypse party!” Tina Tina says enthusiastically, raising her hands in the air. “We blowin’ up this whole motherhunker! Let’s do this s***!”

The Borderlands 3 launch trailer leak continues with a few more bombastic action scenes as “Seven Seas of Rhye” swells to its epic conclusion. The bad guys and good guys charge at each other a la Captain America: Civil War and the trailer comes to a close.

The trailer originally leaked here, but you can now watch the official release embedded below: