New Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer teases the Cloud vs Sephiroth fight

new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer has made its debut today at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 and it has a nice variety of gameplay and cinematics, showing off several iconic moments from this beloved role-playing game. Aside from a boatload of bombastic battles, we also get a solid look at Aeris, her church, and a particularly lovely dress.

The opening moments of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer show a few high-speed action scenes featuring a train and some motorcycles. We then transition to a conversation between Tifa and Cloud. Sephiroth appears and Cloud attempts to draw his sword, but it gets stuck on the wall.

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The scene shifts once again to Aeris’s church and we see Reno make an appearance, charging after Cloud and attempting to land an attack. This moves on to some actual combat where we see Cloud get hit by a powerful electrical attack. Reno’s partner Rude steps in for a conversation, followed by some combat featuring both Aeris and Cloud. We then get a look at Aeris in a beautiful dress, changing scenes once again to both Tifa and Aeris vying for Cloud’s attention.

After a few more quick cinematic scenes and some  gameplay, we get a good look at various minigames. It seems that you’ll be able to play darts as well as compete at a gym with the option to do squats or pull-ups.

We then move to some combat and Cloud is turned into a frog by an enemy — he even keeps an adorably tiny sword strapped to his back! We get a few more scenes of combat, one of which is against a gigantic mechanical boss. There are also a couple of brief looks at some of the game’s iconic summons. As the trailer comes to a close, we get a logo drop for the game. The final scene shows Cloud, Tifa, and Barret staring over a ruined section of the city with the sun on the horizon.

You can watch the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer for yourself below. The FF7 Remake launches worldwide on March 3, 2020.