Rumor: Mark Hamill is Don Corneo in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The newest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer has fans abuzz with talk about many characters’ transition from PlayStation to PS4 graphics. None are more strange than the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Don Corneo rendition, who appears to be played by none other than Star Wars’ Mark Hamill.

Hamill appears to be voicing Don Corneo, the man Tifa, Aeris, and Cloud have to seduce as part of Final Fantasy 7’s infamous cross-dressing scene. But apparently the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake will include a modernized version of the cross-dressing scene, which was originally criticized for including some questionable, insensitive elements.

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Twitter user Pixelpuster shared the apparent Mark Hamill voice work with a clip from the trailer, in which Don Corneo shouts, “Don’t be shy, little kitten. Shimmy on over, and give daddy some sugar.” As Pixelbuster points out, this could very well be a different voice actor, such as Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop, Mortal Kombat 11, Bulletstorm), but it sure sounds a lot like Mark Hamill’s famous portrayal of Batman’s Joker in the animated series and Rocksteady Arkham trilogy of games. Needless to say, hearing the Joker’s voice shout such a phrase is more than a little disturbing.

In the same tweet thread, Pixelbuster points out that Hamill appeared in a previous Tetsuya Nomura game, playing Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, so his inclusion in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t seem so outlandish. Besides Don Corneo, other characters’ new models are also getting a share of the attention. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake characters’ “glow-ups,” as Twitter described them, range from humorous to downright impressive to a little sexual. This includes Rude’s new, Pitbull-like appearance and Reno’s exposed skin.

The new TGS 2019 trailer showed off a few select glimpses of combat and summons, but mostly focused on exploration and narrative moments. Both the game and its characters are certainly living up to their remake status, and our hands-on preview found its gameplay to be shaping up well, too. You can watch the entire Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer below.