Mega Man x Team Shachi crossover is a super hard mobile game

Mega Man x Team Shachi crossover game has debuted on the internet as one of the stranger pieces of promotional material to emerge in recent memory. This browser-based game for Android and iOS devices was released to celebrate the release of their single “Rocket Queen ft. MCU.” This isn’t just a gimmick, mind, as it’s a playable game, and boy howdy is it a challenging platformer.

This being a gaming site, I don’t think I’d have to explain what Mega Man is. Team Shachi, however, is likely unfamiliar to anyone who isn’t a pretty involved Jpop fan. This idol group of four girls has been performing since they were in junior high school and they’ve decided to celebrate the release of their newest single with the Mega Man x Team Shachi crossover game.

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First highlighted on ResetEra, the game itself plays like the NES-era Mega Man games with some notable changes. To start, the Blue Bomber appears to be well on his way to a retirement home, forcing Doctor Light to activate the four girls of Team Shachi to fight against the evils of Dr. Wily. Players can work their way through levels featuring enemies from the original Mega Man games, but it’s much different than the games of the era.

To start, players can switch between each of the girls of Team Shachi at will with the push of a button. Each girl has their own set of powers, so you’ll want to use them for different situations. Secondly, this game is hard. Seriously, it is borderline unfair, and I say this as a guy who has actually played and beaten the first three Mega Man games on the NES.

As noted in the above tweet, the lyrics of their song Rocket Queen were handled by Haruichi Shindo of the longtime Jrock band Porno Graffiti, while composing duties were undertaken by Akimitsu “ak.homma” Honma.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only way to play the Mega Man x Team Shachi crossover game is on mobile devices. You can play it for free right now on Android and iOS by visiting You can also learn more about the game and the band at the crossover’s official website. Check out the promo video below to see it in action and hear Team Shachi’s newest single!