The Bradwell Conspiracy is what happens when the Surgeon Simulator devs get serious

Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios is well known for making silly games, but the newest game published under their banner is headed in a new direction. The Bradwell Conspiracy is an upcoming title being published by Bossa Studios and developed by A Brave Plan, and it certainly looks like an intriguing adventure experience.

In The Bradwell Conspiracy, the year is 2026 and it’s high time for the Summer Solstice. Bradwell Electronics is celebrating its Clean Water Initiative with a massive party at their Stonehenge Museum facility. Unfortunately, something goes terribly wrong, and everyone except you and one other person disappears in a flash of bright light.

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With seemingly nowhere to go, you have to don a pair of augmented reality goggles and communicate with Amber, the only other person that seems to still be around. You’ll send photographs to Amber, working together in the hopes of eventually unraveling the mystery that has led to the disappearance of so many people and hopefully escaping the Stonehenge Museum.

The Bradwell Conspiracy is the first game from developer A Brave Plan, a company with over 60 years of combined game development experience. Previous titles from these developers include entries in the Batman and Tomb Raider franchises, so this certainly isn’t coming from a bunch of amateurs making their very first game. Bossa Studios is handling publishing duties, making for a marked change of tone when compared to their other, more popular titles like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread.

You’ll be able to get your hands on The Bradwell Conspiracy when it launches sometime in Fall 2019. In the meantime, have a gander at the game’s Reveal Trailer Below. You also might want to check out the game’s official website, and you can get some insight into the story by visiting the in-universe Bradwell Electronics website.