Super Nintendo World park opens in Japan next spring, coming later to US

[Image Credit: Nintendo Everything]

The Super Nintendo World park is going to open in Japan next spring, according to a new interview. Universal Parks and Resorts Chairman and CEO Tom Williams revealed this and other interesting details about the project, including new info on the rides and an interactive magnetic wristband for visitors to wear. In an interview with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Jessica Jean Reif Cohen, Williams confirmed the Super Nintendo World inauguration date in Japan. Super Nintendo World is coming to other territories as well, which includes the United States.

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According to Nintendo Everything, Williams told Cohen that the first park is going to open in spring 2020, being a whole new area within Universal Studios Japan. It will begin with two rides, called Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventures. There will be merchandise and food in the park, Peach’s castle, as well as a magnetic wristband with a big red Mario symbol on it.

The wristband just snaps on your wrist and won’t come off easily. It allows you to have an interactive experience throughout the park in three levels. You’ll be able to play various games and keep score of them. It should feature connectivity with your game console, presumably the Nintendo Switch, so that players may return to the park and improve on their scores.

Williams reveals that Universal is planning on taking the park everywhere, but they aren’t going to China during the initial phase due to the “tension between Japanese products in China.” Super Nintendo World is coming to the United States, but Williams didn’t want to confirm the time frame. However, he ended the interview saying, “We are bringing it. You can count on it.”

The Super Nintendo World park is the result of a partnership with Nintendo signed in 2015, reportedly boasting a total cost between $350 million and $550 million.