The Legend of Dragoon Remastered rumors: Sony’s Yoshida denies knowledge

Are we getting The Legend of Dragoon Remastered? Noted game revival company Bluepoint has hinted that they’d love to do it, but Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida isn’t aware of any such project in the works.

It all began with a Twitter conversation back in August where Bluepoint Games Technical Director Peter Dalton was discussing their remake of Shadow of the Colossus as reported by Game Rant. Someone had asked him, quite simply, if he liked The Legend of Dragoon, and that’s where the rumors of The Legend of Dragoon Remastered probably kicked off.

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“I love ‘The Legend of Dragoon’. Perhaps it should be a project?” Mr. Dalton said in a tweet.

Bluepoint Games Technical Director Peter Dalton later followed up with a response to the sheer energy he received from fans of the original game.

“It is amazing seeing everyone’s passion,” he continued. “It is humbling and reminds me why we remake games. It is motivational and makes me want to push even harder to bring memories and greatness back to life!”

Present day, present time: GamerBraves talks about Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida talking at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Among the many subjects he covered was the possibility of The Legend of Dragoon Remastered, stating that he was unaware of any such project in development. However, that’s not all he had to say on the subject.

A potential remake of The Legend of Dragoon Remastered was used to highlight the difficulty of the process, especially for a game that spans four discs. A port to modern systems could be done easily enough, but fans may be disappointed with a 20-year-old game not getting the same level of attention as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has. He stated: “We could do a quick remaster, but people can see it (if it’s a quick job), and everyone will be disappointed.”

After all of this time, fans hoping for The Legend of Dragoon Remastered are probably going to be waiting a while longer yet. Odds aren’t good that it’s in active development anywhere as far as we can tell, but the potential for BluePoint Games to pick it up seems to be there. In the meantime, your only option to grab the game is to pick it up for the PS3 or PSP via the PlayStation Store.