Sony now owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive, Yoshida confirms

Insomniac Games may be enjoying quite a bit of success thanks to its latest release, Marvel’s Spider-Man, but the studio is known for creating other acclaimed franchises such as Ratchet and Clank and Resistance. However, there is one game that stuck with many fans of the studio: Sunset Overdrive. The zany and colorful action-adventure originally released on Xbox One, eventually being ported to PC in November 2018. But despite its origins, Sony has confirmed that it owns the rights to the franchise.

Sunset Overdrive was a Microsoft exclusive, so the fate of the brand was uncertain following Sony’s recent acquisition of the California-based studio. However, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has clarified the situation.

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In a recent interview with Inside Games, Yoshida was asked if it is Insomniac Games or Microsoft who owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive, after Sony’s purchase of the studio. Yoshida replied that it is Sony Interactive Entertainment that now owns the rights to past Insomniac works, and that includes Sunset Overdrive, and that makes sense, given that the studio stated that it owned the IP back in 2018.

When asked about what’s in store for the IP, Yoshida said (through Google Translate) that “Insomniac is a powerful developer, so I can only say that I am looking forward to future titles.”

This probably isn’t what Sunset Overdrive fans wanted to hear, but Yoshida seems to have a point when he mentions “future titles” from Insomniac. The developer once again proved its expertise with Marvel’s Spider-Man, and now with Sony’s powerful backing, it could tackle any number of original titles like its VR exclusive Stormland or licensed IPs like Spider-Man. Sunset Overdrive was a fun and well-reviewed game, but its sales numbers were never made public. That, combined with the Xbox One’s rocky start and lack of sequel talk almost five years later, paints a less than ideal picture of how much it actually sold and probably makes a follow-up a little unlikely for the time being.

And given that Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best-selling superhero game of all-time with over 13 million copies sold, it’s probable that Insomniac is going to stick to the web-slinging hero for an additional game or two.