Steam Rare Achievements new gold border will make players stand out

Steam rare achievements are going to be celebrated in a new way with the Steam client beta that’s currently under development. A special visual effect will be applied to those who have attained some of the rarest rewards from a game, earning them a shiny gold border surrounding the qualifying achievements.

A bit of background: Valve’s digital distribution client Steam is currently testing out a whole bunch of new features and improvements that are set to give it a major overhaul. Many of these changes are simply part of the reorganization or an overall improved aesthetic. While achievements have been in Steam for a while now, there have only been marginal improvements over the years. Now, Valve has stepped up the game even further.

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As far as the folks on /r/Steam can tell, any achievements you earn that have been attained by 10% or fewer of the game’s owners will qualify for a glowing gold border. It isn’t explicitly stated as such, but this border would presumably go away if the population threshold crossed over the 10% mark.

The gold border for Steam rare achievements isn’t the only new addition, mind. The true completionists out there will get something else pretty special.

Steam Rare Achievements

If you’re one of those nutjobs who manages to 100% a game, you’ll score a sweet blue ribbon next to the achievement progress bar. Neat!

While the effect for Steam rare achievements is certainly cool, some users aren’t too happy about it. It’s a bit hard to tell since these are static images, but the glowing gold border is actually an animated effect. While more and more websites move towards animated gifs and other effects, some people prefer to keep things simple and would like to avoid distractions like this. Unfortunately, no such option exists in the beta.

The Steam Client beta is still in progress. It will release on the standard Valve schedule—when it’s done—and it’s sure to include even more cool upgrades that will make the digital distribution platform even better than before.

[Image credit: /u/Cyberdaemon and /u/respwn on Reddit’s /r/Steam]