Modern Warfare beta spawn system irked players, Infinity Ward responds

If you found yourself spawning right in the heat of battle in the Modern Warfare beta, you should take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Several players are reporting that the spawn system is putting them in volatile situations, undermining their chances of survival.

Infinity Ward is pulling the plug on the Modern Warfare beta today, but this is one aspect that needs further development. Thankfully, the devs have positively responded to the community’s plea.

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Reddit user Finesse141 suitably illustrated the flaws of the Modern Warfare beta spawn system with a short video (via Dexerto). While playing a round of Domination, he was sniped, only to swiftly respawn amidst an unflinching horde of enemy players. Obviously, he met his doom for the second time in just a few seconds, declaring his shot at the “Guinness World Record for the worst spawn in the MW beta.”

But it isn’t that simple, considering that other players are sharing their frustrating experiences with the spawn system. One user known as FoxCommander360 said that he “literally spawned in someone’s sniper scope, practically on his crosshair,” something that doesn’t bode well for his performance. Another Reddit user going by the alias of Kionera said “I spawned midair and fell to death before I could do anything.”

Infinity Ward seemingly has its work cut out for it, but the devs are paying attention to the feedback. Replying to the original poster on Reddit, Senior Communications Manager Ashton “ashtonisVULCAN” Williams confirmed that the spawn system is going to be polished before release: “Yeahhhh, spawns are getting some love before launch. Thank you for the video :)”

With the Modern Warfare release date approaching fast, hopefully Infinity Ward will have enough time to iron out these kinks. After all, this is exactly what betas are made for, and when the game lands on October 25, players won’t want to be greeted with a firing squad as soon as they spawn.