Atlas Xbox One Release Date Announced in Latest Inside Xbox

During the September 2019 Inside Xbox, Microsoft revealed the Atlas Xbox One release date. This pirate themed adventure will task players with exploring the open seas as they search for treasure and meet other pirates along the way. Sailing to the Xbox One on October 8, 2019, Atlas is an online open world game, where pirates can connect and play together. Players will be able to get their friends together to pillage ships, conquer islands, and a whole lot more.

Atlas Xbox One Release Date

During the latest Inside Xbox, lead designer Erik Waananen said, “Atlas at it’s core is a game about exploring, surviving, and conquering the world with your friends and other pirates.” Atlas is a very player focused game, where you decide what you want to do, while the game supports your journey. While this may sound a lot like Sea of Thievesdeveloper Grapeshot Games promises that it is a very different game.

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Atlas is also available on PC and will be offering crossplay between the two platforms. Further, keyboard and mouse support is also on the way, which will allow Xbox players to put down their controllers and pick up a keyboard. Additionally, there will be full game parody between Xbox One and PC, meaning any updates will be pushed to both platforms at the same time. Waananen made it clear that it was the same game for both platforms, despite releasing separately.

As the game launches, developers will be focusing on quality of life improvements and bug fixes. However, once all that has been sorted out, the tides will be turning quickly to shift to seas, ships, and sailing updates. Grapeshot Games is encouraging players to send in feedback about Atlas at launch by using the official game forum and reaching out to developers on Twitter. Now that the Atlas Xbox One release date has been announced, will you be setting sail?