P.T. cut content shows hidden details that make it even scarier

Shortly after discovering that P.T.’s Lisa follows behind the player throughout the Silent Hills “playable teaser,” video game modder Lance McDonald has discovered even more unseen content in the demo. The P.T. cut content includes an invisible Lisa and a gory model removed from P.T. before the game’s release.

McDonald detailed the P.T. cut content in a video on his YouTube channel. He explained that many of P.T.’s disappearing and reappearing objects are actually always there. In order to create the effect of objects changing position or disappearing suddenly, certain actions the player takes will trigger the objects “on” or “off,” making them turn either visible or invisible. By manipulating the game so that these triggers no longer work, McDonald was able to get a closer look at things Hideo Kojima never intended for players to see — and they makes P.T. even creepier.

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Perhaps the spookiest of these unseen objects reveals itself when manipulating a key moment in the demo, where antagonist Lisa appears for a split second beneath a light in the hallway before suddenly disappearing. McDonald revealed that, like other objects in the game, Lisa is technically always standing there in the hallway, simply made invisible to the player. After adjusting the game so that Lisa would not disappear, her character model remains standing there, completely still under the swaying light fixture. Of course, this static model is extremely close to (if not exactly the same as) her mobile one, so it’s eerily lifelike, appearing as if it could spring into motion at any moment.

McDonald even found a completely unused asset in the game, permanently set to be invisible: When set to “on,” what appears to be Lisa’s headless body sits in the now-filled bathtub, propped up against the outer bathroom wall. McDonald notes that perhaps the developers thought it was “a little too on-the-nose,” and was thus cut to make things more thematically consistent.

After Silent Hills was scrapped by Konami, Norman Reedus (who appeared in a cameo at the end of P.T.) went on to become the lead voice and performance actor of Kojima’s next project, Death Stranding.