Apex Legends players create hilarious trap for Champion Squad

When game developers talk about the joy of seeing players use the mechanics they created in unexpected ways, this is probably what they mean. A group of Apex Legends players created a ridiculous and ingenious trap for an opposing squad, sending the Champion Squad laughing to their deaths. Given its ingenuity, the Apex Legends “How to kill the champion squad” clip uploaded to Reddit has captured the attention of many users.

Reddit user u/Firebrill (or “Boltshep,” in-game) uploaded a clip of their handiwork to the Apex Legends subreddit early this morning. In the video, Boltshep and their teammates, “POOGILY” and “MrPees,” used a combination of Wattson’s laser nodes and Caustic’s Nox gas barrels to create an array of deadly traps inside an open-topped concrete bunker. They then used Wraith to lure the enemy Champion Squad into the Wraith’s portal that they placed just above the trapped alcove. The squad followed them through the portal and dropped into the trap, where Boltshep’s team awaited to fire down at them as the gas and lasers did most of the work. Boltshep’s team cackled the entire time, as the enemy team met their inglorious end.

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Apex Legends how to kill the champion squad

Image Source: u/Firebrill/Reddit

Boltshep’s Reddit post has earned more than 20,000 upvotes in the time since it was posted, prompting user u/kaczmarska to respond with another video, titled “Re: How to kill the champion squad.” The video shows the event from the Champion Squad’s perspective. MrBaangleyTTV, teammate of u/kaczmarska (“EmKaczmarska” in-game), was the first to enter the portal. Shortly after entering but too late for EmKaczmarska to react, MrBaangleyTTV shouted, “Oh my⁠—Do not take the portal. Do not take the portal.” EmKaczmarska gasped as she spawned in, repeatedly shouting “What the f***?” and laughing as Boltshep and friends destroyed her squad. Many in the comments expressed surprise that the Champion Squad wasn’t angry, but EmKaczmarska responded to one comment, saying “i knew i’d die taking the portal but i wasn’t expecting that xd.”

In online multiplayer games often plagued by toxic players and rude behavior, it seems many Reddit users enjoyed the fact that EmKaczmarska’s team took the perhaps cheap victory well. Apex Legends has had its own problems with toxicity — though if its subreddit engagement is anything to go off of, it seems thousands are still interested. Apex Legends Season 3 is quickly approaching to keep players interested, even as Apex Legends competitive play declines.