Rumor: Modern Warfare loot boxes could be changed over preorder worries

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare rumor has popped up that’s rather interesting indeed. According to a leaker who’s been talking a lot about this upcoming shooter lately, Activision and Infinity Ward are reconsidering their position on Modern Warfare loot boxes in light of supposed preorder losses following the announcement of PS4 exclusivity for Survival mode and the way that loot boxes are set up.

“Activision and Infinity Ward apparently recent held a big meeting regarding my recent post about Supply Drops,” YouTuber TheGamingRevolution (no relation) said on Twitter. In this case, he is referring to an earlier tweet where he claimed that Supply Drops will not only include cosmetic items, but would also have weapons in them.

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“The gist of it is that they’ve lost a tonne of [preorders] with the recent news of Survival being delayed by a year on PC/XB and the microtransactions news & are thinking about giving the player the options to earn them again,” he continued. “Nothing regarding microtransactions is set in stone, and like I’ve said countless times before, they are a constant work in progress, but my source wanted to let the community know that they really care.”

The possibility that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare loot boxes would have weapons in them is certainly unappealing to some players, nevermind the fact that a portion of the game has been locked away as a PS4 exclusive. According to this leaker, these issues have caused enough preorders to be canceled that Activision and Infinity Ward are concerned enough to have a discussion on the topic.

Loot boxes and exclusivity have always been a contentious issue; the former is especially troublesome lately considering the growing calls for regulation around the world. If these rumors are true, Activision and Infinity Ward may indeed have the sense to correct the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare loot boxes situation before it does too much damage to the brand.