No, Battlefield 5 isn’t adding ‘suicide bombers’ as DLC

Battlefield 5 data miner has claimed that suicide bombers are coming to the Pacific Theater portion of the game. Battlefield 5’s community manager, however, has denied that the data-mined information indicating the existence of the Yokosukua MXY-7 Ohka will be added to the game “at all.”

“Japanese squad leaders can spend requisition points to call in a ‘MXY-7 rocket strike’,” read the tweet from Battlefield 5 data miner @temporyal. “It’s a manned flying bomb that was usually carried underneath a bomber to within range of its target.”

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The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka was a rocket-powered attack aircraft. Unlike most other conventional planes of the era, this aircraft wasn’t equipped with bombs insomuch that the aircraft itself was the bomb. A Japanese kamikaze pilot would be carried by a larger mothership until he was in range of the target; the MXY-7 would then be detached, gliding towards its target before eventually engaging one or more of its three rockets and slamming into the intended enemy in a devastating suicide attack. For all intents and purposes, it was a guided bomb with a living pilot serving as the guide.

Electronic Arts, for its part, has denied that the MXY-7 will to be added into the game.

“Nope. This [one’s] not true. We are not adding this to the game at all,” read a response from Battlefield 5 Community Manager @PartWelsh on Twitter. This is a pretty categorical denial, but the story doesn’t end there. @temporyal noted on Twitter that several strings of code were recently added to the game:


A cursory internet search shows that the MXY designation was used by Japan’s Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal as the model designator for gliders, a category that the MXY-7 technically fell under despite its use of rocket engines. No other military equipment in the Pacific theater or elsewhere uses the “MXY” designation as far as can be told.

The Battlefield 5 community manager says that the MXY-7 isn’t being added into the game, but a data miner says that the code is in there. Is this cut content, or is EA trying to keep things under wraps until the big reveal? We can’t say for sure; considering the tone of the community manager’s response, it’s sensible to lean more towards it being cut content that won’t ever be in the game.