Best Switch Lite color revealed (and the competition is close)

What is the best Switch Lite color? There are currently four different choices for players to pick from, but one of them is currently taking the lead as the most popular Nintendo Switch Lite color. The results may be surprising, but what’s even more interesting is the likelihood that things will change in the future.

The folks over at UK game deals site Console Deals created a report based on data that they’ve compiled from “thousands of hits” and “thousands of clicks” to the Nintendo Switch Lite product page. More than 20,000 data points have been compiled to try and figure out which is the best Switch Lite color.

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According to their data, the Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite is firmly in the lead. The Gray version of the handheld console is in second place, the special Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta Edition Nintendo Switch Lite takes up the third position, with the yellow-colored one in a distant fourth place.

Here are the numbers according to Console Deals’ data:

  1. Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite (42%)
  2. Gray Nintendo Switch Lite (29%)
  3. Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta Edition Nintendo Switch Lite (21%)
  4. Yellow Nintendo Switch Lite (8%)

One would think that a limited product like the Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta Edition Nintendo Switch Lite would have ranked higher as the best Switch Lite color, but the reason for its lower ranking likely comes down to a very simple reason according to Console Deals’ analysis: It hasn’t been released yet. While more than a few people know about it, they’re less likely to have looked it up since it can’t be purchased just yet. Console Deals full well expects things to change once this special version of the Switch Lite is finally available.

Turquoise is ultimately the winner going by the data collected by Console Deals. Whether or not that will remain the case will depend on how well the special Pokemon Edition sells when it launches on November 8, 2019.