Infinity Ward responds to Modern Warfare netcode issues

Reports recently came out that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s netcode may have some issues. Players raised their concerns after they experienced serious lag during the recent beta. Now, Infinity Ward has addressed these concerns and confirmed that it’s working to fix the Modern Warfare netcode before launch.

Responding to a thread on the issue on Reddit, Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams confirmed that the studio was looking to address the netcode issues. While Williams didn’t give out any specifics, he mentioned that the studio was looking to be transparent about the issue and would be sharing something before launch.

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Modern Warfare‘s netcode issues were first reported by YouTuber Battle(non)sense last week. He noted, among other things, that not only did the game have lag issues, it also gave erroneous ping time reports about its servers. The latter was actually quite serious, with the actual ping times he measured being four times as much as what the game was reporting.

As part of their investigation, Battle(non)sense also compared Modern Warfare beta’s ping times to those of other games, including last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Against it’s predecessor, the Modern Warfare beta looked quite inferior. Comparisons with other games such as Fortnite Battle RoyaleOverwatch, and Battlefield 5 yielded even worse results, with the beta performing quite badly compared to these games.

While the games usually feature single-player campaigns, the series is primarily known for being a multiplayer shooter. As such, any issues with its netcode will negatively affect the game’s reception by fans. With this in mind, it’s great that not only is Infinity Ward aware of the issues, but it’s also working to address them. Here’s hoping that the fixes that it’s planning to reveal soon will be enough to address the issues players had with the beta.