Apex Legends leak apparently reveals upcoming characters

Respawn’s Apex Legends differentiates itself from the other big battle royale games by adding in mechanics from hero shooters. As such, the constant addition of new characters, or Legends, is vital to the game. Now, a new Apex Legends leak seems to allegedly give away the identity of a number of upcoming Legends.

The leak comes from dataminer That1MiningGuy who shared a photo of what seems to be a document from inside developer Respawn. The document seems to list the statuses of Legends that are in testing, indicating how far along they are in development prior to October. As part of this, the document divides the characters into “Production,” “Design Alpha,” and “Future Characters” categories.

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The Production row contains one name that should already be familiar to Apex Legends players. Respawn recently added Crypto to the game as part of Season 6. Joining him in this category are two characters who’s names have appeared in previous leaks. Reventant was first spotted in the game’s files by That1MiningGuy after the Iron Crown Collection event. Loba on the other hand looks to be the character previously identified as Rosie in earlier leaks.


The Design Alpha category on the other hand looks to contain characters who haven’t been quite as finalized as the previous three. The document states that both characters, named Valk and Rampart, are close to being “locked.” As such, they require the “highest priority feedback.”

The final row however, is the most interesting. While the Future Characters row only contains four characters, only two of these have names. Additionally, only the character named Blisk has a image, with them looking to be an elderly man. Downfall on the other hand only has a silhouette that looks to be holding a grenade or maybe a Molotov cocktail. The two other entries are simply labeled as TBD (to be determined), with generic placeholder silhouettes. Regardless of their identities however, the document, should it prove legitimate, does show seem to show that Respawn has far reaching plans for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends leak apparently reveals upcoming characters

Of course, seeing as this is just a leak, we caution fans to take all of this with a grain of salt. As much as we’d like them too, neither Respawn nor EA will likely respond to this. That said, the game is getting a new “Fight or Fright” event soon, it’s possible that something in regards to the next Legend’s release will be revealed then.