Twitch dating service axed after remaining hidden for over a year

Recently, a streamer by the name of “GGGuyT” seemingly discovered an undercover Twitch dating service being offered by multiple users on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform. By typing “liv u” into the website’s search bar they were able to access numerous on-demand videos, which had been present for over a year, that all appear to essentially serve as dating profiles for different women.

“Look at this,” said GGGuyT as he began to excitedly demonstrate his discovery to viewers. After entering the above search term he goes on to liken the hidden feature—which offers what might be considered somewhat provocative photographs of and a few details (name, age, and country of origin) on the featured women—to an escort service.

In the process, the streamer inherently implies that visitors to the Twitch platform have been able to use it as a means of acquiring female companionship. Not only that, but as the handful of videos are labeled as originating from “last year,” that they’ve been able to do so for at least the past ten months.

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Twitch dating service

With news of this discovery quickly picking up steam, Twitch has been swift about moving to rectify the situation. If users now enter the “liv u” search term in order to seek out the content in question, those videos no longer appear. This seems to suggest that they’ve been removed from the platform entirely, though not before many were alerted to their presence and some potential damage to Twitch’s reputation was done.

Criticisms having been leveled at the Twitch Terms of Service, which, for example, recently deemed a Spongebob emote “too sexual,” so something of this nature going unchecked doesn’t do much to bolster the company’s stance. Additionally, having remained undetected for such a long period of time, many Twitch viewers are now wondering what else might be lurking behind some form of an obscure search term, untouched by whatever algorithms the website has in place.