GTA x The Walking Dead crossover as Carl Grimes’ Twitch channel is revived

The Walking Dead actor Chandler Riggs hasn’t livestreamed on Twitch since all the way back in 2014, but now, five years later, his channel has risen from the dead like one of the AMC show’s eponymous zombies. Fans flocked to watch the Carl Grimes Twitch return, having grown to miss the character due to his absence following events in the eighth season. They certainly didn’t leave disappointed, either, as Riggs reprised his on-screen role by performing as Carl in a Grand Theft Auto Online role-playing session.

Online RP servers are popular amongst PC gamers that like to squeeze as much realism as possible from the virtual worlds they interact with, and the son of Rick Grimes definitely brought an authentic representation of his character to the table. After welcoming the community back following his extended absence, a visibly matured Riggs then gets to gaming with some GTAV.

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Carl Grimes Twitch

Dressed as Carl Grimes — an ensemble complete by his fathers’ iconic sheriff’s hat and the messy long hair protruding from beneath it — Riggs seemingly lures a player out onto precarious footing and then elects to strike as she stands in appreciation of the view. Proclaiming “you’re infected” he then produces an axe from his inventory and proceeds to attack the player, who understandably protests as their inevitable in-game death begins to encroach.

Ultimately kicking her off the edge, her scream gradually becomes more distant thanks to the game’s proximity chat in a darkly comedic moment that prompts laughter from the actor. Two in-game bystanders seem less amused by the act, though after composing himself Riggs informs them that he “did what had to be done,” fully channeling the character he portrayed in Robert Kirkman’s universe.

Whether Riggs will continue to stream on his chairhandler Twitch channel is something we’ll have to wait and see, though here’s hoping that the return wasn’t just a one-off if more fun antics are to follow.