League of Legends Mobile beta registration page leaked in China

Riot develops and publishes League of Legends.

Rumors that Riot and Tencent are working on a mobile version of League of Legends have been going around for quite some time now. And now it looks like those rumors may be true as a League of Legends Mobile beta registration page temporarily went live earlier today.

The registration page has since been taken down, however not before industry analyst Daniel Ahmad was able to share screenshots of it on Twitter. Ahmad, who is a senior analyst at Niko Partners, speculated that this could hint that the mobile version of League of Legends which could be revealed at the game’s upcoming tenth anniversary stream that is scheduled for tomorrow.

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Now this isn’t the first time something about League of Legends Mobile has surfaced. Last May, Reuters reported that Riot Games and Tencent Holdings had begun work on the game. This was followed by a video that surfaced last August, showing what looked to be a mobile version of Riot Games’ hit MOBA.

League of Legends Mobile beta registration page leaked in China

The video showed what looked to be an early build of the game. Certain features from the PC version, such as Nexus Turrets, were conspicuously absent from it. However, it did already include a number of familiar League of Legends heroes such as Ezreal and Blitzcrank.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t Tencent’s first attempt to bring League of Legends to phones. The company recently released a streaming app that allowed players to stream the game on their phones as long as it was on the same network as the PC running it (similar to how PlayStation 4’s local remote play works). Of course, that still required a PC and wasn’t a standalone mobile port of the game.

When it does get announced, League of Legends Mobile will be playing catch up to other mobile MOBAs, such as Mobile Legends and Tencent’s own Arena of Valor, that have taken advantage of the former’s lack of a mobile port. Will this mobile version be able to reach the same heights as the PC original, or have Riot and Tencent lost too much time to its competitors?