PSA: Death Stranding spoilers are already hitting the internet

Death Stranding spoilers are now hitting the internet, which means it’s time to start muting related keywords on social media, avoiding any forums that could potentially ruin plot points, and generally dodging any untrustworthy gamers for the next 20 days or so! With Death Stranding set to release on November 8, you’ll need to be on your toes as you await the big release.

With the game having gone gold on September 26, it was only a matter of time before review copies of the game were distributed to websites and influencers. While you would hope that these game critics and entertainers would adhere to embargoes and keep quiet about crucial plot points, spoilers have already been spotted across various gaming forums, including Reddit and Resetera.

death stranding spoilers

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It isn’t just those with early access that you’ll be needing to avoid, as even the official ESRB rating contains spoilers, describing certain disturbing scenes. While it’s good that this rating board includes details on the offensive qualities of the game, the spoilers may take some readers by surprise. If you want a completely untainted experience on November 8, we’d advise avoiding the Mature 17+ rating summary.

While we at GameRevolution have access to the game, with our review going live on November 1 at 12:01 AM PT, we won’t be posting any spoilers on our website or social media channels. Our tweet showing the game on our PS4 is the only Death Stranding image we’ll be sharing up until November 1:

While it’s disappointing that there are now Death Stranding spoilers in the wild, we’re hoping that we have at least been able to give you a heads-up with this PSA. Go and get muting “Death Stranding” on Twitter, unsubscribe from potentially dangerous subreddits, and then ready yourself for the November 8 launch!