Gigantamax Charizard is causing controversy in the Pokemon community

After today’s Pokemon Sword and Shield leak proved to be real, the reveal of Gigantamax Charizard has proven to be a major win for many a Pokemon fan. However, several people looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Shield are not too happy, and the two sides are clashing on social media.

Some people love Gigantamax Charizard

A number of people who have seen the new Gigantamax version of our fiery friend have been quite happy with the reveal. Many of them took a particular liking to his visual style more so than his moveset or any of the technical details.

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This looks like a Pokegod, really trying to resist this wonderful gift of charizard that’s been bestowed upon me,” read a tweet by @Bahamutgreen.

“People are actually upset at this because lol gen 1,” began a tweet from @LavenderGV. Let’s be honest. Charizard is badass and iconic as f*** for the Pokémon series. Cheers to the boy Charizard for getting this badass form.”

Although there are a fair few messages on social media that speak positively of the new Charizard reveal, it seems that many more people are not happy to see yet another Gen 1 starter get glorified once again.



Gigantamax Charizard

…and others hate him.

“You know what’s really sad? I love Charizard and even I’m getting sick of the other two getting shafted in his favor,” read a less-than-positive take on the reveal from @MrBareBones on Twitter. “Hell I’m getting sick of all the damn Kanto Pandering these games are shoving down our throat!”

i’m sick of charizard you hear me !!!! sick of him !!!! if y’all want a gen 1 dragon give me dragonite or give me death,” stated a tweet from @lizardsbeth, a person who is apparently quite fed up with Charizard.

Reddit, too, is (rather unsurprisingly) displeased. An /r/Pokemon submission titled How many Charizards do we really need?! has comments like “We don’t need any charizards” and “So much love for Kanto I want to see some johto love for Sword and shield.” Another submission also has several Redditors expressing disappointment, with one saying, “I just want anything that isn’t gen 1.”

It seems that Gigantamax Charizard has caused a pretty big rift in the Pokemon Sword and Shield community. Whether you love or hate him, you’re sure to find a lot of people who would happily agree with you. You can read more about this Gen 1 classic at his dedicated page on the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website. Check out the trailer below to see Charizard (and the other new Gigantamax Pokemon) in motion.