Destiny 2 vendor refresh isn’t a priority for Bungie

For some time now, a number of Destiny 2 players have been vocal about wanting the game’s vendors to get refreshed gear. Some of these vendors haven’t gotten any new loot since the game launched a couple of years ago after all. However, it seems that Bungie has shot down the possibility of a Destiny 2 vendor refresh.

Victoria Dollbaum, design director at Bungie, addressed the issue during while talking to Australian outlet Stevivor at PAX AUS. Here, Dollbaum stated that such a refresh for Destiny 2‘s vendors would draw resources away from other projects related to the game.

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“It’s deciding where the importance of that falls in with all of the other stuff,” stated Dollbaum. “Basically, is it more important that the vendors get refreshes, or is it more important that you have a seasonal activity that’s tied into your narrative for the season? Keeping you invested in what you’re doing and excited about the storyline that’s happening in front of you.”

Destiny 2 vendor refresh isn't a priority for Bungie

“It’s an ever-shifting priority list of things that we have to do,” Dollbaum continued. “We see that players are asking for it, but we also have a huge list of things that we’re working on and it may not fall into that list.” Dollbaum’s statement seems to confirm that Bungie doesn’t think that vendor refreshes are an important enough feature to pull resources from other projects to focus on.

Reaction to the confirmation has been mixed. On Reddit, most players seem to be okay with the decision since the trade off seems to be more seasonal content. Others have pointed out that most players tend to go for loot drops over vendor gear anyway. That said, some have countered by stating that the reason players don’t use vendor gear in the first place it precisely because it hasn’t been updated. Regardless of these, it looks like Destiny 2 players will just have to bear with vendors like Lord Shaxx selling outdated gear for the near future.