Destiny 2 Trove Guardian chest looted location | Memory of Toland, the Shattered

A new type of weekly mission introduced in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep involves completing reclaiming the true memories of Eris Morn’s fallen fireteam members. This week’s Eris quest is Memory of Toland, the Shattered. The first step in reclaiming Toland’s memories requires players to loot a chest dropped by a special NPC on the Moon. This Destiny 2 Trove Guardian chest looted location guide will fill you in on where the Trove Guardian spawns and how to find its hidden chest.

Destiny 2 | Trove Guardian locations

Destiny 2 Trove Guardian locations

The Trove Guardian is a unique Hive enemy that spawns in one of three locations on the Moon. To find it, you’ll simply have to wait around in the area where it spawns until it arrives. Once you kill the Trove Guardian, it will unlock a series of invisible platforms that you’ll have to jump on in order to find the Guardian’s chest. The platforms won’t show up until you get near them, and they often spawn after a short delay, so take time to make sure you aim your jumps right.

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Unlike some other Major-type enemies, the Trove Guardian will not trigger a “high-value target is near” message when it spawns, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for it in-game. Fortunately, once the Guardian is killed, you’ll see “The Trove Guardian has fallen, and a pathway has opened” in the bottom left corner of your HUD. This means that, even if you’re not the one to kill the Guardian, you’ll know exactly when someone else has. We’ll cover each of the Guardian’s locations below.

Hellmouth Trove Guardian

This Trove Guardian spawns on the west side of the Hellmouth, north of a crevice in the Moon’s surface. Once killed, you’ll see the first invisible platform spawn over the pit of the Hellmouth.

Archer’s Line Trove Guardian

The Archer’s Line Trove Guardian spawns behind a rock at the southern edge of the area, near the path that leads to the Sanctuary. Killing it reveals a hidden platform path that will take you off the edge of the map, over the green, foggy pit.

Anchor of Light Trove Guardian

The first Trove Guardian to reveal itself, the Anchor of Light Guardian appears in the first part of the area you come to after leaving the Sanctuary, in the middle of the three, Fallen-occupied structures. This Guardian’s path appears near the east edge of this area and will take you above a bunch of rubble, above the area where the public event spawns.