Pokemon Sword and Shield map size hinted at with Breath of the Wild comparison

Less than a month away from release, some players are surely wondering about the Pokemon Sword and Shield map size, especially the intriguing Wild Area. The first main Pokemon game to be released on a non-portable console, Pokemon Sword and Shield sees developer Game Freak levering years of experience with the franchise. The brand-new world of Galar is reportedly huge, being inspired by a real-world location, the United Kingdom.

Speaking to Metro during a hands-on session, a Pokemon Company rep estimated that the Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield is roughly the size of two regions from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Bigger doesn’t necessarily means better so hopefully that the area has a lot to explore and is filled with interesting content, instead of being a wide-open space where you run for minutes on end between each objective.

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The Wild Area is an open world region where danger lurks and many diverse Pokemon freely roam. This is a place connecting multiple cities and will be a mandatory point of passage for any trainer worthy of the name. While we already knew that the Pokemon Sword and Shield map size was going to be impressive, now we have confirmation that the Wild Area region alone is huge.


Pokemon Sword and Shield map size

In the Wild Area, you have control of the camera and can explore the land with other players close by. You’ll see Pokemon roaming around, bees merrily buzzing, and bigger creatures going about their routines, such as the Onix which you should avoid until your character is of high level.

Nintendo seems to be really pushing the Wild Area as one of the most important regions in Pokemon Sword and Shield. There’s even a Pokemon Wild Area Search web content coming in November, where players will be free to wander around and meet some Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusively releases for Nintendo Switch on November 15, with a reported file size of 10.3 GB.