After Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima still wants to make a horror game

Hideo Kojima isn’t letting go of Silent Hills anytime soon. In fact, the legendary game designer is seriously considering developing a new horror game. With Death Stranding finished and about to hit stores, Kojima revealed that he has many new ideas to challenge the horror genre, but he is afraid that gamers will be too scared.

Speaking with Rocket Beans Gaming, Kojima revealed that he plans on developing a new horror game, and compared the execution of the horror genre in both games and movies.

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“I want to do a horror game one day, of course,” Kojima said. “I have some new ideas that I could get out there, but I don’t know when, I have to think about when I bring this out.”

Kojima compared the horror experience in movies and in video games by highlighting the differences between both mediums. In movies, you can close your eyes during a frightening scene and the events keep rolling, but you can’t do the same in games; they’re interactive experiences driven by the player.

Kojima mentions his fears that if a game is too scary, gamers won’t play it. He still remembers the ill-fated P.T. or Silent Hills, and how he created an experience that every horror fan could enjoy. However, these experiences are basically nightmare-inducing, meaning some players were likely to quit the game after a few good frights.

Hideo Kojima new horror game Silent Hills

Kojima is unsure about which direction to go for with his next horror game. Is it okay for players not to beat the game due to being too scared, or should they experience the biggest fear at the end of the game? He admits that he doesn’t have a good solution for this problem, but he’s still willing to challenge the issue.

The interview ends in a note that is fundamentally tied to Kojima’s career. He isn’t bound to a genre; he wants to create something new, to be a pioneer: “I don’t want just to create a similar horror system that’s already there, I want to put something new that isn’t out there in the world,” Kojima said, leaving millions of fans eagerly waiting for his spiritual successor to P.T.