PSA: Death Stranding launch trailer looks heavy on spoilers

The Death Stranding launch trailer has been revealed, but those looking to play Hideo Kojima’s latest without knowing too much about it beforehand might want to stay away. The 8 minutes of footage shows more of its story than we’ve seen thus far, so those looking to go in blind will likely want to avoid it.

The new trailer was released today by Sony and developer Kojima Productions, offering more context for protagonist Sam Bridges’ story. With Kojima having mostly remained tight-lipped in regards to what Death Stranding is actually about, the new trailer offers a lot more plot details and backstory for its characters.

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With that being said, the mystery surrounding Death Stranding is one of the most intriguing elements of the game. While the trailer still raises plenty more questions than it answers, it also seems to show too much. I’ve yet to play the game, so I don’t know for certain if what’s shown here reveals any major plot points, but it does at least make a couple of revelations I had hoped would be saved until my playthrough.

If you’re not concerned about the potential spoilers, then you can watch the Death Stranding trailer below. For everyone else, the game releases on November 8, 2019: