Bungie selling a $160 Destiny 2 foam sword for players who complete new dungeon

Image Source: Bungie Store

Bungie has long sold real-world items to Destiny players who complete certain in-game tasks as part of its Bungie Rewards program. Most of these are t-shirts, pins, and the ever-coveted raid jackets, but a recently posted reward takes things to a new level. Players who complete Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s newly released dungeon will have a chance to purchase a Destiny 2 foam sword replica that resembles the ones Hive knights use. Completing the dungeon is a challenge of its own, but the sword itself isn’t cheap, either.

As with all Bungie Rewards items, the Destiny 2 foam sword is listed on the Bungie Store for $777,777.77. It’s theoretically possible to buy it for that price (if you’re rich and incredibly irresponsible), but completing the new dungeon known as The Pit of Heresy will allow you to receive a discount code that drops the sword’s price to $159.99. That’s still quite a bit to fork over for a foam sword, but it does appear to be a fairly detailed replica of the in-game weapon.

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The sword is produced in partnership with Calimacil, a live-action roleplay prop company. Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 sword isn’t LARP-safe (presumably being too fragile because of all the holes in the blade), but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use it as a sick cosplay accessory. It’s 42 inches long, nine inches wide (at the hilt), and 2.75 inches deep, so it’s a fairly sizable item. The listing says nothing about the sword’s weight.

Destiny 2 foam sword hands

Image Source: Bungie Store

Preorders for the sword will become unavailable on December 31 at 8:59 AM PST, and it could take up to three to four months for the product to arrive. Other Bungie Rewards currently available include the Dark Orbit emblem, earned for completing the initial Festival of the Lost quest, a Braytech Werewolf shirt, a miniature Bad Juju pulse rifle replica, and a Garden of Salvation raid t-shirt.