Mixer takes a shot at Twitch with subscription price drop

Mixer is once again taking a shot at its main competitor Twitch, generally regarded as the most popular streaming platform. However, this time it isn’t about snagging a big-time streamer for its service, but instead being a subscription price drop that is being very well received by the community.

The price drop is effective today, so if you want to subscribe to the world’s most famous Fortnite streamer Ninja or any other partner of your liking, you can already do it at a discounted price.

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The Mixer subscription price drop was announced on Twitter, with the message starting with the always promising “Good news everyone.” The rest of the tweet revealed that the subscription price is dropping from $5.99 to $4.99, a deceptively slight reduction that ends up being more important than it may seem at first.

With the new subscription fee, Mixer is now offering a similar price as Twitch, further emphasizing the fierce competition between the two streaming platforms. Microsoft is clearly pulling out all the stops in order to make its service more appealing for viewers and streamers alike, with the price drop being a welcomed step in this process.

Mixer subscription price drop Twitch

Most of the viewers were extremely pleased with the news, saying that now they could subscribe to a few more of their favorite partners. However, some users on Twitter came up with additional ideas. One suggested that Mixer could offer a free sub with every pro membership, while another pitched the concept of a custom subscription amount that users and partners could set.

Obviously, all that we can do for now is speculate on what other cards Mixer may have up its sleeve, but this is decidedly a step in the right direction. After signing exclusive deals with Ninja and Shroud, but failing to convince Dr Disrespect to make the move, Microsoft’s streaming platform certainly has a lot more in store for the future.