The Fortnite Peely Halloween skin is creepy as hell

The Fortnite Peely Halloween skin has been revealed for the Fortnitemares event and frankly, it’s creepy as hell. Peely was a strange enough character on his own, but a special Halloween version of this Fortnite favorite has just made things a whole lot weirder.

A newly-released Fortnite Short revealed the Fortnite Peely Halloween skin. Peely, on its own, is already pretty strange looking. While a casual glance makes it seem like a guy in a banana suit, it’s actually some kind of eldritch banana demon with skinny arms and legs. Now, half of it has been sliced away for the spookiest of holidays and I’m pretty sure it’s going to haunt my nightmares. Take a look at the horror for yourself:

Fortnite Peely Halloween skin

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The combination of the slasher smile, banana body, and half of his peel missing makes the Fortnite Peely Halloween skin especially terrible to look at. It would be bad enough if it were just his face that’s like that. Unfortunately, Epic Games decided that they needed to peel this guy from stem to stern, showing off a gruesome full-body shot of the banana man’s insides a little further on in the video where this skin debuted.

Fortnite Peely Halloween skin

If I saw that crowd coming at me and I had a gun with four bullets left, I’d shoot Peely four times just to be sure.

Technically speaking, this could be considered a reskin of sorts. Fortnite using the same idea is something that the wildly-popular streamer Ninja recently took issue with, although this particular case at least seems to be a creative exercise in remixing existing content.

You can see the reveal of the Fortnite Peely Halloween skin in the Fortnite Shorts video below. The Peely Bone skin will be available in the game for a limited time only. You may as well pick it up—if you’re lucky, your opponents will simply die from fright.