Overwatch 2 officially announced with trailer

After many rumors, leaks, and speculation, Overwatch 2 has finally been officially announced and will release next year. Blizzard announced the sequel on stage at BlizzCon 2019 and also revealed more about the game’s modes, heroes, and more.

Like those aforementioned rumors stated, Overwatch 2 will mainly be structured as a PvE experience but will have PvP as well, which contradicts some of those same rumors. There will be skill trees that help foster a sense of progression in a way the first game didn’t have. It will have a brand new competitive game mode called Push and will even import every hero, map, and cosmetic from the first game. You can see the announcement trailer below and the gameplay trailer at the bottom.

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The trailer shown debuted some new heroes, but they were ones we’ve seen before. Echo was at last year’s BlizzCon in the McCree cinematic that also came alongside the Ashe announcement. Sojourn has also been in the game in Overwatch in the most recent Storm Rising event, but her in-game model was not shown.