Smash Bros Ultimate Doom and Super Mario RPG Mii costumes may have leaked

New Smash Bros Ultimate Mii costumes have seemingly been leaked, showing new Doom and Super Mario RPG costumes. The costumes, which were shown in a leaked screenshot and video, show Doom‘s Cacodemon and Super Mario RPG‘s Mallow appearing in the game for the first time.

The leaked screenshot, which can be viewed below, shows Mallow and Cacodemon standing alongside Ken and posing. While the images look convincing enough, the leak also features a video, which briefly shows the two alternate Mii costumes in action.

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The screenshot can be viewed below:

smash bros ultimate doom super mario rpg

While the leaked information does appear to be legitimate, some are under the impression that the new Mii costumes could be mods. As noted by those in the Smash Ultimate community, the appearance of Ken is a clear throwback to a previous leak, in which Ken was depicted giving a thumbs up pose alongside Pac-Man, Pichu, and Ivysaur. Those faking Smash Ultimate leaks have a history of including throwbacks to previous legitimate leaks in their doctored images, in an effort to convince the wider community of their credibility.

However, if the Super Mario RPG and Doom Mii costumes have been doctored, then they are certainly convincing fakes. Many in the community have shunned the suggestion that the costumes are mods, given that they appear to be much higher quality than previous mods created for the Nintendo Switch game. Nintendo has yet to officially announce the new Mii costumes, though, so the image and video should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Considering Nintendo’s ongoing collaboration with Bethesda to bring the publisher’s games to the Switch, many have requested that Doomguy be added to Smash Bros Ultimate as a playable character. While a Mii costume doesn’t quite fit that bill, it would at least introduce Doom to the game, perhaps teasing that the Doom protagonist will appear in Smash in the future.