Pokemon fans mourn ‘Dexit’ by celebrating ‘culled’ Sword and Shield families

Following the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex leaks that arrived earlier this week, one creative Redditor decided to encapsulate the feelings of fans with some heart-wrenching images. The “Dexitcontroversy—a portmanteau of “Pokedex” and “Exit”—is still in full swing, and Pokemon Sword and Shield fans show no signs of stopping.

The last three days have seen three separate submissions on the /r/pokemon subreddit. Titled “One culled Pokémon family every day until Dexit is reversed,” the submissions show various ‘mons and their evolutions that have been cut from Pokemon Sword and Shield. /u/jamiedrummond, the creator of these images and submissions, didn’t just stop there—things were taken a bit further by editing the images to show all of the Pokemon crying.

Dexit Kakuna

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“Why do you make them cry[?]” asked one Redditor in the latest submission of the series.

“They’ve been left out and it makes them sad,” /u/jamiedrummond replied.

In other comments, /u/jamiedrummond explained that these heartbreaking images are created in Photoshop and make use of the color palette from the original art. This gives them a look and feel that’s consistent with the overall artistic style (and also makes my heart hurt). Here are each of the submissions so far so you can view them (and the more than 2,000 comments between them) for yourself:

The creator of this series says that it’s going to continue until every single Pokemon that’s missing from Pokemon Sword and Shield is covered. It might sound a bit like overkill, but Pokemon fans are plenty dedicated to their hobby. More so, perhaps, when they’re angry or disappointed by the developer’s design choices.

These Dexit posts are a continuation of an ongoing controversy where fans across social media are expressing a mix of outrage and depression over the severely-cut Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Plenty of people are hyped as heck for the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it seems like a growing number of fans are just plain upset about their missing friends.

[Image credit: /u/jamiedrummond on Reddit]