All New Pokemon in Sword and Shield | Galar Region Pokemon

When they launch on November 15, Pokemon Sword and Shield will introduce players to the Galar region, home of Pokemon’s eighth generation. Perhaps the most exciting part of each new Pokemon game is discovering new Pokemon, capturing your favorites and forming bonds with them as you journey. Although the fact that Pokemon Sword and Shield have no National Pokedex means players won’t be able to catch all 800-plus Pokemon from past games, there are still sure to be a decent amount of all new Galar region Pokemon to collect. In this list, we’ll cover all the new Pokemon — including all Gigantamax Pokemon — revealed so far for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, in alphabetical order.

All New Pokemon Revealed So Far | Pokemon Sword and Shield



pokemon sword and shield official art alcremie

“Its cream has a soothing effect.” The fairy-type Alcremie is known as the Cream Pokemon. It can produce whipped cream at will, making it a sought-after partner Pokemon for pastry chefs. Its ability is Sweet Veil.

pokemon sword and shield official art gigantamax alcremie

Gigantamax Alcremie is an alternate form the Cream Pokemon can enter when Gigantamaxed by its trainer. When Gigantamaxed, Alcremie forms a massive cake-like shape, growing to almost 100 feet tall. Gigantamax Alcremie’s fairy-type moves become G-Max Finale, which simultaneously damages opponents and heals all Pokemon on Alcremie’s side.


pokemon sword and shield official art corviknight

The Raven Pokemon, Corviknight, is a dual-type flying/steel Pokemon. It is very intelligent and is said to be the strongest Pokemon in Galar’s skies, making it the perfect flying transportation for the Galar citizens via the Galar Taxi company. Its abilities are Pressure and Unnerve.

pokemon sword and shield official art gigantamax corviknight

As Gitantamax Corviknight, parts of the Pokemon’s armor sprout wings and fly around it independently. Flying-type moves used by Gigantamax Corviknight will become G-Max Wind Rage, which damages opponents and nullifies the effects of moves like Reflect, Light Screen, Spikes, and Electric Terrain.


pokemon sword and shield official art drednaw

Drednaw, known as the Bite Pokemon, is skilled at doing just that. This dual-type water/rock Pokemon has fangs so sharp and strong it can bite through rock and iron. Its abilities are Strong Jaw and Shell Armor.

pokemon sword and shield official art gigantamax drednaw

Drednaw can also be Gigantamaxed, turning into Gigantamax Drednaw. In this form, all of Gigantamax Drednaw’s water-type moves turn into G-Max Stonesurge, which deals damage and scatters sharp rocks that damage opponents entering the battlefield.


pokemon sword and shield official art duraludon

This steel/dragon-type Pokemon is known as the Alloy Pokemon. Despite being made of metal, Duraludon only weighs 88 pounds and is surprisingly quick, but its body is known to rust easily. Duraludon is often seen clashing with fan-favorite Pokemon Tyranitar, since the Pokemon share a habitat. Its abilities are Light Metal and Heavy Metal.


pokemon sword and shield official art eldegoss

Eldegoss, the Cotton Bloom Pokemon, is the grass-type evolution of Gossifleur. The cotton fluff on its head helps protect it from damage and is dotted with nutritious seeds. Eldegoss’ abilities are Cotton Down and Regenerator.


pokemon sword and shield official art gossifleur

The grass-type Pokemon Gossifleur is known as the Flowering Pokemon. It travels long distances by being carried by the wind, and its pollen is known to heal both people and Pokemon. Its abilities are Cotton Down and Regenerator.


pokemon sword and shield official art grookey

The Galar region’s grass-type starter Pokemon, Grookey is known as the Chimp Pokemon. The stick it carries was once just a tree branch, but it now carries special properties as a result of absorbing energy from Grookey’s body. Grookey can give this energy to wilted plants in order to revitalize them. Grookey’s ability is Overgrow.


The only Pokemon on this list to not be officially revealed by the Pokemon Company, the dual-type dark/fairy Pokemon Impidimp appeared in-game within the Pokemon Sword and Shield demo at E3 2019. Its abilities of this pink imp creature are so-far unknown.


new Pokemon

This cute-looking hamster-esque Pokemon holds a dark secret: It can get pretty hangry, pretty quickly. Morpeko is a hungry little fella and carries Berry seeds around with it at all times, seemingly in small pockets or pouches. No matter how much Morpeko eats, however, it is always hungry thanks to its constant electricity charging through its cheeks. That’s why it rotates between two different Forms during battle, which seems to happen at the end of each turn. Morpeko appears to be always Dark and Electric Type, but it will switch between its happy Full Belly Mode and aggressive Hangry Mode between turns thanks to its Hunger Switch Ability. This means more than a change in looks and personality, however. The Two-Sided Pokemon’s signature move, Aura Wheel, changes Types depending on the little guy’s Form. In Full Belly Mode, Aura Wheel is Electric Type, while in Hangry Mode, Aura Wheel is Dark Type. Morpeko could be more than useful depending on the Types of your opposition Pokemon.


new Pokemon

It has been a while since we got a new evolution of a previously existing Pokemon, but that’s exactly what Obstagoon is. The newly discovered Galarian Forms of Zigzagoon and Linoone have a third evolution, exclusive to the Galar Form and region. Galarian Linoone evolves into Obstagoon while the classic design of Linoone does not thanks to its living in harsh conditions complete with fierce competition from rival Linoone. To help fend off competition from its enemies, Linoone in Galar developed excellent survival instincts, leading them to evolve into Obstagoon. This 5’3”, 101.4 lbs Blocking Pokemon stands on its hind legs and is an expert in throwing its opponents off guard and attacking back with its sharp claws. Obstagoon will often wait for its opponent to attack with its unique Obstruct move before counterattacking with force. Obstagoon’s Abilities are Reckless and Guts.


pokemon sword and shield official art rolycoly

The Coal Pokemon Rolycoly is a one-eyed rock-type. It uses the lumps of coal on its body to move through coal mines like a sentient wheel. Rolycoly’s brand-new ability, Steam Engine, gives the Pokemon a Speed boost when it’s hit with Fire- or Water-type moves. Rolcoly also has access to the Heatproof ability.


pokemon sword and shield official art scorbunny

Scorbunny is Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s fire-type starter Pokemon. Known as the Rabbit Pokemon, Scorbunny uses its strong legs to confuse opponents by running and jumping around them. Its ability is Blaze.


pokemon sword and shield official art sobble

The water-type starter Pokemon Sobble is known as the Water Lizard Pokemon. It is able to disappear when it touches water by blending in with its surroundings, and it sometimes produces its own water to do this by itself if it is embarrassed. Its tears are able to make others cry uncontrollably. Sobble’s ability is Torrent.


pokemon sword and shield official art wooloo

The adorable normal-type Sheep Pokemon, Wooloo, is covered in thick wool. If it feels threatened, it will roll away in order to escape. Wooloo’s abilities are Fluffy and Run Away.


pokemon sword and shield official art yamper

The corgi-inspired, electric-type Puppy Pokemon, Yamper, generates electricity as it runs around. It has a tendency to chase moving objects, hence its brand-new ability, Ball Fetch. If a Pokemon with Ball Fetch is on your side when you fail to capture a Pokemon, your Pokemon will retrieve the Pokeball, essentially giving you infinite catch attempts.


pokemon sword and shield official art zacian

Pokemon Sword‘s “box legendary, Zacian’s category, type, and ability are unknown. All we know is that the blade in its mouth is said to be able to cut through anything, and that its movements have been known to “captivate” its opponents.


Pokemon Sword and Shield official art Zamazenta

Just like Zacian, we don’t know much about Zamazenta, Pokemon Shield‘s legendary mascot, besides that its shield is said to be able to block any attack and that its movements can overwhelm oppontents.

Those are all the new Sword and Shield Pokemon we know of so far. For more Pokemon Sword and Shield, check out our guide on the games’ version-exclusive Pokemon or head to our Pokemon Sword and Shield hub.