Pokemon 24-hour Twitch stream is live, 27,000 tune in

The Pokemon 24-hour Twitch stream is now live, and more than 27,000 people have tuned in to basically stare at a bunch of trees in the hopes that a new creature from Pokemon Sword and Shield will make an appearance. This stream is essentially a static camera looking at one small part of the Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Late in September 2019, it was announced that a Pokemon 24-hour Twitch stream would be taking place in the style of a “wildlife camera.” Professor Magnolia’s daughter Sonia has asked everyone for help in looking at the camera and trying to see if they can spot any Pokemon. Apparently, more than a few people got the message and decided to tune in.

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So far, at least two creatures have been spotted as noted in this submission on the /r/Pokemon subreddit, one of which I saw myself as I was writing this article. Here’s what viewers have seen for certain so far in the first hour:

Pokemon 24-hour Twitch stream

On the left, we see a tail that popped up for less than two seconds. It might be an Eevee, but we can’t say for sure since it appeared in the distance. The image on the right shows a Swirlix which popped out from the bushes and flew from right-to-left across the screen. I also personally witnessed a bush rustling on the left, although nothing came out of it. Several users have also reported hearing sounds at certain points, like breathing or galloping.

Redditor /u/scarlettking had a particularly hilarious prediction about what we’re looking at in this Pokemon 24-hour Twitch stream.

“I hope at the very end, something that’s been on the screen like a rock or a plant just gets up and walks off and it’s been a new pokemon that was asleep this whole time,” scarlettking said. “It would explain the creepy breathing in the background.”

We’ve had one solid appearance, a hint of a tail, and a shaking bush so far in the first hour. There’s sure to be a heck of a lot more Pokemon popping up in the next 24 hours. You can tune in to watch the Pokemon 24-hour Twitch stream at twitch.tv/Pokemon.

[Tail image credit:  /u/Bananadan6 on Reddit]