Pokemon Sword and Shield stream will show 24 hours of the Luminous Maze

An upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield stream is going to give us a good long look at one of the key locations in the Galar region. The Luminous Maze is a frighteningly dark forest, and players will be able to find many an adorable pocket monster within. Now, the official Japanese YouTube channel has announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield players will get to watch a sort of virtual nature cam over a whopping 24-hour period.

Serebii highlighted this upcoming stream which will be hosted on YouTube, Niconico, and Periscope. The official Japanese Pokemon website has an extended announcement giving us a hint at what we can expect to see in this livestream.

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“Pokemon trainers around the world: Hello! This is Sonia, a Pokemon researcher,” reads the machine-translated announcement. “I am helping [Professor] Magnolia, who [is my grandmother]. This time, we sent a message to ask you to cooperate in the Pokemon survey. Next week, a live camera will be connected to a mysterious forest in the Galar region called ‘Luminous Maze’. I want you to help me to observe the ecology of Pokemon living in the forest.”

As the statement above shows, Sonia is the daughter of Professor Magnolia, the Galar region’s expert on the Dynamax phenomenon. She’s also the friend of the Pokemon champion for the region.

As far as can be told, the Pokemon Sword and Shield stream will be acting more or less like a wildlife camera, allowing players to get a look at the creatures in the Luminous Forest of the Galar region. Presumably, it will be a passive experience with no interaction whatsoever. Right now, we don’t really know which creatures we can expect to see in the region, and we may very well spot one or two Pokemon that haven’t yet been revealed.

You’ll be able to watch the Pokemon Sword and Shield stream when it goes live on October 4, 2019, at 9:00 AM Eastern time. It’s something that Pokemon fans will surely not want to miss.