Neglected Pokemon that deserve evolutions in Sword and Shield

The often-overlooked leek-holding pocket monster Farfetch’d finally got the attention it deserved when developer Game Freak recently confirmed it will be able to evolve in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. This new form, Sirfetch’d, will sport a lance-like weapon and defend itself with a big leaf. As absurd as Sirfetch’d may look, it’s nice to see Farfetch’d get an upgrade. The following are all the other neglected Pokemon that need evolutions next.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Dunsparce

Pokemon Sword and Shield

One can’t help but feel a sense of unhappiness whenever he or she looks into Dunsparce’s soulless, yellow face. The only thing this land snake Pokemon is good at is digging holes, as its wings are practically useless and it has no arms or legs. An evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield would give Dunsparce something to look forward later on in its lifetime. Useful body parts like hands, feet, and a nose would be a nice start.

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Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Chatot

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Chatot is a forgettable parakeet-like Pokemon with absolutely no reason to exist. When the monster was introduced in 2006, the franchise already had plenty of music and sound-based creatures. An evolution could double down on Chatot’s nature as a mimic, giving it the ability to copy an opponent’s moves mid-battle. This dangerous talent could make the species a force to be reckoned within competitive scenes. Every tournament trainer out there may quiver at the sound of Chatot’s name should its evolution life up to its potential.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Carnivine

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Few things in life are as awesome as Venus flytraps. Unfortunately, the bug catcher Pokemon Carnivine is far from cool, as it sports a big, dorky smile, has leafs for hands, and moves around awkwardly with vine legs. An evolution could help this creature grow out of its embarrassing preteen years so that it can seem more menacing and ferocious in adulthood. Longer fangs and a pair of gleaming claws could go a long way.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Stunfisk

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Stunfisk is in desperate need of a makeover in Pokemon Sword and Shield. One glance at the trap Pokemon could turn newcomers away from the franchise completely, as the monster just looks like a flat pile of poop. Game Freak should have this terribly unattractive species evolve into a beautiful sea creature capable of making Feebas and Milotic blush. Fixing ugly isn’t easy, but it’s essential.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Hawlucha

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Despite being the wrestling Pokemon, Hawlucha is frighteningly small, weighing in at about only about 50 pounds. This bright-colored flying and fighting-type deserves a muscular luchador evolution capable of facing off against the likes of Machamp and Conkeldurr. Who doesn’t aspire to have chiseled physique? Out of all the creatures that desire new burly forms, Hawlucha needs it the most.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Durant

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Durant is pretty much just a large ant. The species eats leafs and digs holes just any regular ant does in real life. An evolution could turn this terribly unexciting insect into something a lot more interesting. It could grow wings in order to become a flying and steel-type Pokemon like Skarmory, protecting the hive no matter the cost. Female Durants could become queens just like how female Combees can evolve into Vespiquens. A memorable evolution for this creature wouldn’t take a lot of effort on Game Freak’s part. Considering how ants are everywhere, Durant and its new forms could appear in pretty much any region the developer decides to do next.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Luvdisc

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Luvdisc’s most noteworthy feature is that it kind of looks like a heart. Outside of that, this Pokemon is pretty unremarkable, as it doesn’t do anything remotely fascinating outside of swimming in groups and turning the ocean pink once in a while. Instead of creating an entirely new creature to serve as Luvdisc’s evolution, Game Freak should just make the caring Pokemon, Alomomola, its second form. While Alomomola doesn’t exact boast a better design, it is useful in that it nurses wounded sea creatures back to health. Given how it and Luvdisc share a common theme of love and kindness, there’s no reason why the series’ developer should go through the extra work.

Neglected Pokemon That Need Evolutions | Pyukumuku

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Let’s be honest: Pyukumuku is a pretty disgusting little guy. The species can eject its internal organs to smack around unsuspecting people and Pokemon crossing its path. Imagine minding your own business on a beach one day, only to have this thing slap you simply because it thinks you look funny. Given the stigma around Pyukumuku, it needs a ravishing evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield to entice people to give it a chance. Preferably, these new monster won’t be able to spit out its intestines on command. Something along the lines of a Magikarp-to-Gyarados evolution would suffice.

Even if there aren’t any other unexpected evolutions like Sirfetch’d in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the pair of titles will undoubtedly be packed with tons of fascinating and slightly disturbing new creatures to catch. Teapot Pokemon will gift trainers a taste of their ghostly liquid once they warm up to them, and monsters made entirely out of cream may attempt to poison Galar’s entire population with their edible fluids. Sword and Shield are bound to include pocket monsters for every person out there — even those with borderline sociopathic tastes.