Sirfetch’d confirmed for Pokemon Sword (but not Shield)

We got some pretty good Pokemon Sword and Shield news today as, after all these years, a Farfetch’d evolution has finally been revealed. Sirfetch’d is a brand-new fighting Pokemon that will be coming to the Galar region!

A few days ago, a glitchy image appeared on the official Pokemon website. If you tried to click on it, it moved away from you before eventually coming to a stop. That page led to a web page with a Pokemon that was obscured by garbled text. This mysterious Pokemon has now been revealed as Sirfetch’d, a Fighting-type pokemon with the Steadfast ability.

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Sirfetch’d appears to be a straight upgrade of Farfetch’d, in terms of appearance if anything. His iconic leek has been peeled and sharpened into a finer weapon that looks like a sword or lance. The new Pokemon also happens to have a shield made out of a plant. It’s not entirely clear what sort of plant it is, but I’d be comfortable speculating that it’s probably also part of a leek.

The coloration of this evolution is different as compared to its predecessor, as our new feathered friend is now clad entirely in white feathers. He looks much more confident, as well. I’d be, too, if I had a big honking shield and a pointy plant to protect me.

There’s one critical note that is part of the reveal trailer for this new Pokemon: Sirfetch’d is going to be exclusive to Pokemon Sword. That means that Pokemon Shield players are going to have to trade with a friend who owns the other half of the next upcoming generation of the Pokemon franchise. Presumably, Pokemon Shield is going to be getting an exclusive or two of their own besides the legendary doggo that was introduced in previous reveals.

You can see the adorable birdy action of the Sirfetch’d reveal below.