Sirfetch’d was created 20 years before Pokemon Sword and Shield

Today’s reveal of Sirfetch’d for Pokemon Sword and Shield is pretty great now since one of our favorite feathered friends has finally got an evolution of his own. While a Farfetch’d evolution was long overdue in the minds of many fans, they may be surprised to learn that we nearly had him in Pokemon Gold and Silver nearly 20 years ago.

More than a year ago, Eurogamer reported that The Cutting Room Floor dug up a bunch of unreleased Pokemon for Pokemon Gold and Silver. Among these Pokemon was an evolution for Farfetch’d which you can see in our header image above.

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Some basic information on the Sirfetch’d that could have been was detailed by The Cutting Room Floor. The cut Farfetch’d evolution would have been named Madame ( マダーム, madaamu) and evolved from Farfetch’d at level 24. It certainly looked pretty interesting, so much so that an artist by the name of Tomycase took the time to draw it on Deviantart.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more in the way of details of the Pokemon Gold and Silver Farfetch’d Evolution known as Madame. We know that it was going to be a Normal/Flying type and that Farfetch’d could evolve into it starting at Level 24, but that’s about all.

Notably, the prototype/demo version of Pokemon Gold and Silver which featured Madame was lacking in several Pokemon that ultimately made their way into the final version of the game or future generations. In total, 13 Pokemon did not make it into any subsequent entry in the franchise and the precursor to Sirfetch’d was one of them.

In any case, Farfetch’d has finally gotten his much-deserved evolution after more than 20 years. Regrettably, he’ll still be a little difficult to get for some gamers out there, as it’s been confirmed that he’ll be exclusively available in Pokemon Sword.