Everything revealed at the Pokemon Presents Nintendo Direct

The June 17 Pokemon Presents Nintendo Direct featured a ton of exciting announcements, including New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch and details for upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Go content. That’s not all, though; here’s every announcement from today’s Pokemon Presents stream.

Everything revealed at the Pokemon Presents Nintendo Direct

Pokemon Presents Nintendo Direct

New Pokemon Snap is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch

Fans have spent years clamoring for a follow-up to Nintendo 64 classic Pokemon Snap, and it’s finally on the way. New Pokemon Snap is said to bring the N64 game back “in a whole new way” on Nintendo Switch. With the title currently in active development, details were sparse, though it looks gorgeous even at this early stage.

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Pokemon Cafe Mix brings free-to-start puzzling to Nintendo Switch and mobile

Cafe Mix is a puzzle game in which you aim to link matching icons by swirling them around. You’ll be able to befriend and hire Pokemon in order to utilize their special skills to help with solving puzzles, then expand your cafe and menu as you progress to attract even more Pokemon. It’ll be “available soon” on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

The game can be preordered starting right now, with basic gameplay being free, though there are optional microtransactions.

Mobile app Pokemon Smile helps kids with “toothbrushing time”

Getting children to brush their teeth can be an uphill battle, so The Pokemon Company is here to help. In Pokemon Smile, kids will aim to rescue their favorite Pokemon from cavity-causing bacteria by brushing their teeth in front of an iOS or Android smart device’s front-facing camera. After rescuing Pokemon through adequate brushing, they can be caught and collected.

Featuring chunky cartoon graphics and available right now, Pokemon Smile is entirely free-to-play and features no microtransactions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield players could earn a Shiny Zeraora

Starting today, an all-new Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battle is available. Pokemon Trainers can team up to battle Mythical Electric-type Pokemon Zeraora; if 1 million players manage to emerge victorious before June 28, then everybody will earn a Shiny Zeraora for their collection.

Consulting the small print does reveal that there’s a little more to it than that, however. You’ll need to move a Pokemon between Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sword and Shield during the Zeraora Max Raid Battle event (June 17 through June 28) to be eligible. If you make the transfer and the community hits its goal, Shiny Zeraora will be gifted via the Pokemon Home mobile app.

It’s also worth noting that the standard Max Raid Zeraora can not be caught.

Pokemon Go Fest 2020 is going all-digital, plus new Po Go content

With the current climate forcing Pokemon Go to adapt to a post-lockdown world, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 has now become a digital event. Players from all around the world will be able to participate from home, marking a first in the mobile game’s four-year history. Exactly what event will be available remains to be seen.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Go crossover has introduced Galarian Farfetch’d and new Trainer outfits to the game. The outfits are based on those found in the new Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC, which launched today.

Not only that, but Victini is set to be added to Pokemon Go and so too are Mega Evolutions. There’s no exact date for the additions, but players can expect them in 2020.

There’s another Pokemon Presents next week

If this isn’t enough Pokemon news, then you’ll be excited to learn that there’s another Pokemon Presents event scheduled for next week. On Wednesday, June 24, The Pokemon Company will return to share news of “another big project” and potentially further details on today’s announcements.