Weirdest Pokemon Ever | From Alcremie to Vanillite

The Pokemon franchise is no stranger to questionable design. From whipped cream pocket monsters like Alcremie to ones literally made out of trash like Garbodor, the following are the weirdest Pokemon ever conceived from Game Freak and Nintendo.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Alcremie


The recently revealed Alcremie constantly oozes cream from its body. Chefs in the Galar region apparently use the creature’s fluids for many of their desserts, as they help make their cakes and pastries irresistibly delicious. It’s suffice to say that health-conscious trainers should do their best to avoid all delicacies when Sword and Shield arrive later this year.

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Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Rolycoly


Rolycoly were used as a power source by the people of Galar 100 years ago, indicating that these creatures were once subjected to slavery or sacrificed in droves. As if the species’ history isn’t already depressing, Rolycoly are still being mistreated in caves and mines, as they are used to wheel people around. To top it all off, these monsters look like a hastily put-together pile of rocks. They just can’t catch a break.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Vanillite


Vanillite actually want to look like edible ice cream, as the species purposefully covers its body in ice to mask its bland blue appearance underneath. Trainers who bite into these Pokemon may lose their tongues, as they’re capable of emitting -58 degrees Fahrenheit instantaneously. Despite the dangers associated with them, people love to keep Vanillite in their homes so that they may act as air conditioners. The Pokemon world is filled with curious contradictions.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Klefki


Klefki’s vice is that it loves to collect keys. It’s unknown how exactly the monster manages to scoop up its collection, as its body is an enclosed ring. Perhaps the species surgically installs its treasures? Whatever the case may be, Klefki’s obsession is so powerful that it refuses to ingest anything that isn’t made up of metal ions. At least Klefki owners don’t ever have to worry about losing their car keys.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Scraggy


Scraggy is a freakish combination of a lizard and a human that grows excess yellow skin around its legs as a means of earning respect in its herd. In battle, Scraggy can lift up its “pants” to deflect incoming attacks, as its hide is also rubbery and thick. As if this creature isn’t strange enough, it literally throws itself headfirst into opponents when it wants to fight them. A makeover may benefit this Pokemon a lot more than another scuffle.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Nosepass


Nosepass is a walking head. Though it’s clearly inspired by the Easter Island Heads, one can’t help but notice how the Pokemon stands out among a sea of animal and humanoid creatures. Aside from its appearance, what makes Nosepass unusual is its magnetic nose. This feature always points north and allows it to draw in prey so that it can consume it with its non-existent mouth. On top of being bizarre, Nosepass is also incredibly lazy, as it only moves 3/8 of an inch every year. Exciting.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Garbodor


Garbodor isn’t the garbage Pokemon. Rather, it’s officially termed the “trash heap” species. With that distinction out of the way, this creature is just gross to look at just like garbage. Its brown body is filled with bits and pieces of food scraps, the likes of which seem to be connected together by toilet pipes. As one might expect, Garbodor smells terrible and litters places with its excrement. The one good thing about it is that it feeds on garbage and reduces waste. Still, living in the Pokemon world doesn’t sound too great once people learn of Garbodor.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Barbaracle


Each one of Barbaracle’s six limbs thinks and acts on its own, which in itself is a tragedy. Though everyone follows the main body’s commands during battle, it must suck to sacrifice one’s only eye for the sake of performing a shadow claw or brutal swing. Barbaracle’s biology simply doesn’t make any practical sense and living life must be a tough thing to do. Trainers should just feel sorry for it. Poor guy(s).

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Swalot


No one would notice if Swalot was deleted out of existence. What exactly is it? It’s termed the “poison bag” Pokemon, but that doesn’t help much. This amorphous species can swallow anything, so it may be this universe’s equivalent of a black hole. Outside of these two facts, that’s pretty much everything trainers have to go by. At least its whiskers are kind of nifty.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Pyukumuku


People who think Garbodor is disgusting may think that Pyukumuku is just as repulsive, if not more. As the image above indicates, this creature can puke out all of its insides and form shapes with its organs. Swimmers who accidentally bump into it on the beach may be punched by Pyukumuku’s intestinal fist. Imagine relaxing on the seashore one day only to be smacked by one of these things. No thanks, Alola region.

Weirdest Pokemon Ever | Jynx


Jynx is the embodiment of weird. This female-only species communicates with a language that sounds very human and even has its own dance rituals. It’s unclear whether or not the species’ dress is made out of fabric or is an extension of its skin. Furthermore, Pokedex entries don’t clarify whether the creature levitates or walks beneath its gown. Jynx is too strange for words. However, it’s best if Game Freak leaves the mystery surrounding the monster to our imagination, as that’s part of what makes it simultaneously eerie and alluring. And, of course, it just looks like a tone-deaf depiction of a blackface cartoon, which is bad.

Sword and Shield‘s Alcremie and Rolycoly are in good company. Despite the oddities above, here’s hoping that developer Game Freak continues to experiment with the series for years to come.