Death Stranding Instagram filter makes you look possessed

If you’ve been enjoying Death Stranding, you might have thought that the black tears effect seen on Mads Mikkelsen character Cliff Unger was pretty cool. Well, you might be able to see what you look like with that effect, because someone went ahead and created a Death Stranding Instagram filter.

For those of you who don’t use Instagram, it’s a social media service with a particular focus on pictures. One of the cool things the service can do is use “filters” which alter images in various ways, and some of these filters can make some pretty neat effects. Now, one creative user has used their skills to make an Instagram filter that emulates one of the bits of iconic imagery from Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece.

Death Stranding Instagram filter Mads

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Twitter user Ppkprzhk sent out a tweet — seemingly their first, in fact — where the Death Stranding Instagram filter was shown in motion. It applies black strands of liquid above and below your eyes and adds glowing red particles coming up from the bottom of the screen.

It’s a pretty cool effect, and it seems that Ppkprzhk isn’t the only one who thinks so, as Hideo Kojima himself saw it and decided to retweet it, boosting this really cool Instagram filter out to the rest of the world. That sure isn’t bad for your first tweet ever.

Unfortunately, Ppkprzhk hadn’t yet shown a way for the regular folks out there to make use of the Instagram filter for themselves. It’s since been released publicly at this Instagram link. You can see the Death Stranding Instagram filter in action in the tweet below. Here’s hoping that Ppkprzhk decides to release it for the rest of us to use!

In the intervening days, it seems that someone else had the idea to take the visual concepts of Death Stranding and use it to make their own cool effect.

Twitter user @egorinogore also debuted their own Death Stranding Instagram filter which you can see below.  This new Death Stranding Instagram filter, too, is available via its own Instagram effect link.