Pokemon Sword and Shield mods are restoring cut Pokemon

Dexit has surely upset many Pokemon Sword and Shield fans around the world, but one modder has set about trying to restore the cut Pokemon using unofficial methods. Pokemon Sword and Shield mods are already in the works, adding Pokemon that didn’t make their way into the new Switch game.

A tweet from Project Pokemon “Pokemon Researcher” @SciresM shows a still image of an Omastar reportedly working in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This is especially notable because Omastar — one of the original 151 Pokemon — is not in Pokemon Sword and Shield. At all. Not even in the 35 inactive Pokemon buried in the game’s files.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mods Omastar battle Gastly

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“Well, that wasn’t so hard.” began a tweet from @SciresM showing a Level 50 Omastar in Pokemon Sword and Shield. “Needs a ton more work, of course, but it’s pretty cool to see it functioning.”

It wasn’t long before the Pokemon Sword and Shield mods evolved, showing working animations, camping, and even combat.

As @SciresM explains, this was simply the model from Pokemon Let’s Go ported into Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, it’s not replacing a Pokedex entry of an existing Pokemon like one might think Pokemon Sword and Shield mods would function. Instead, it’s created an entirely new Pokedex entry for Omastar, which could open the door for every missing Pokemon to be added back into the game by modders.

While this is an indication of the future of Pokemon Sword and Shield mods, it’s far from ready for public consumption. When asked how long it took to bring Omastar into the game, the modder replied that this first effort required “about an hour” of his time, plus a further five minutes to properly move some files around. However, he cautioned that there’s still a lot of work ahead.

“This is obviously just a test/demo though, there’s some pretty broken stuff[.] These problems aren’t unsolvable, since the formats are all easy to work with[.]”

Mods on Nintendo Switch can result in account bans, so it is heavily advised that Switch owners don’t make use of them.

[Images credit: @SciresM on Twitter]